May 26, 2009

Direction from Butterworth to Malaysia Istimak

Driving directions to masjid Kuarters KLIA
397 km – about 4 hours 24 mins
Butterworth, Pulau Pinang
1.Head west on Lebuhraya Butterworth - Kulim
0.4 km
2.Take the ramp to Lebuhraya Utara - Selatan
0.2 km
3.Keep right at the fork to continue toward Lebuhraya Utara - Selatan
0.2 km
4.Keep left at the fork to continue toward Lebuhraya Utara - Selatan
0.5 km
5.Slight left at Lebuhraya Utara - Selatan
324 km
6.Take the exit onto Lebuhraya Baru Lembah Klang
13.5 km
7.Take the exit onto Lebuhraya Utara - Selatan Hubungan Tengah
46.6 km
8.Take the exit on the right onto Lebuhraya Utara - Selatan
2.0 km
9.Take the exit
0.7 km
10.Continue straight
0.6 km
11.Slight right
1.4 km
12.Turn left at Persiaran Negeri Bbn
0.9 km
13.Turn right toward Jalan Emas
1.1 km
14.Turn left at Jalan Emas
1.2 km
15.Turn left at Jalan Mutiara
1.1 km
16.Turn left at Jalan Nilam 2
1.7 km
17.Turn left at Persiaran Nilai Impian 2
0.6 km
masjid Kuarters KLIA
Nilai, Negeri Sembilan

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